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The Bosnia Action Coalition

The Bosnia Action Coalition is a group of academics, professionals, and others from the metropolitan Boston area united by our concern for the Bosnian people and for the preservation of a democratic and multi-cultural Bosnia. Many of us have been active in relief drives and in assisting the resettlement of refugees. As a group, we have concentrated our efforts in three principal areas: education, publicity and political action.

We write op-ed columns and articles; we form delegations to lobby our Congressmen and Senators on Bosnian issues; we give talks to civic and religious groups; we organize campus events and protests. Among our concerns is Bosnian culture: We have been active in organizing assistance for the rebuilding of Bosnia's libraries, museums and other cultural and educational institutions that have been systematically targeted for destruction by the "ethnic cleansers."

We invite you to subscribe to "This Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina," our weekly electronic newsletter about events in BiH, by sending a message to If you subscribe to our mailing list, you may also occasionally receive information about our activities via this list (although we know that many of our subscribers are outside of the Boston area, this is an important way to inform our local members of seminars, demonstrations, and the like).

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