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Our Privacy Policy

The Bosnia Action Coalition does not share our list of subscribers to the e-mail version of "This Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina" with any other organization.

The list can only be accessed by several members of the Bosnia Action Coalition as well as the system administrator of our Internet service provider. Other subscribers to the list cannot gain access to the names on the list.

Our e-mail list is moderated, which means the general public (or other subscribers) cannot send messages to the list.

We do not keep any record of individuals who visit our Web site, unless they choose to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. We do not use "cookies" or any other method of keeping track of individuals who visit the site. The only statistical records we keep for our sites is the overall number of visitors by top-level domain (.com, .net, .org or country domain such as .ba [Bosnia]).

If you have any additional questions about our policy, you can e-mail

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